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Due to rapid changes in government orders due to Covid-19 it is best to call the shop at (415)897-4455 to get the latest and updated information. The State Board is allowing outdoor hair salons, I am working on a way to accommodate this while being safe. When we reopen the guide lines are outilned below. Thanks for your continued support. Stay safe and healthy! -Kendra & Cupcake

* Appointments of customers who indicate they have any signs of illness will be canceled or rescheduled.

*Require clients to pre-book appointments via phone or online platform.

*Suspend walk-in appointment availability.

*Customers should be asked not to bring children or others with them to the appointment.

*Remove magazines, newspapers, self-serve beverages, and any other unnecessary products/décor from the waiting area.

*Waiting area chairs should be removed or spaced to accommodate social distancing requirements and disinfected between client-use. If social distancing protocols cannot be maintained in the waiting area, overflow clients must wait outside in marked areas or in their personal vehicles.

*Equip reception areas and workstations with proper sanitation products, including hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.

*Maintain appropriate social distancing protocols between stylists by placing workstations at least 6 feet apart inside the salon/building.

*All Hair Salon Personnel must wash hands before and after each client.

*Personnel and customers must use face coverings during haircutting and other close contact hair services..

Customers that don’t bring their own face covering will be instructed to reschedule their appointment if the salon cannot provide a clean disposable face covering to them.


*Ensure that Personnel do not see multiple customers at once (e.g. while one customer’s hair is drying, another receives a haircut). Services for one customer should be completely rendered before a new customer is seen by the same worker.

*Wherever possible, doors should be left open if they do not open and close automatically.

*Workstations must be routinely and frequently cleaned, including between each customer appointment. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the station counters, rolling carts, drawers, hand mirrors, hair care and other products, and containers and provide a new smock or cape for each customer.

*Clean and disinfect shears by removing all visible debris, clean with soap and water, and wipe or spray with an EPA-registered disinfectant that demonstrates bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity and is approved for COVID-19.

*Clean and disinfect all non-electrical tools by removing all visible debris, cleaning with soap and water, drying the tools, and then completely immersing them in an EPA registered disinfectant. Tools should be sprayed or submerged and left to set for the full amount of time required by the disinfectant’s manufacturer. Immersed items, like combs or brushes, should be removed at the end of contact time, rinsed, and dried with a paper towel or clean, freshly laundered towel.

*Clean all electrical tools, such as clippers, by removing all visible debris and disinfecting with an EPA-registered disinfectant spray or wipe that demonstrates bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity and is approved for COVID-19.

*Clean and disinfect all handles, hoses, spray nozzles, and other equipment before and after use on a customer. Chairs, headrests, shampoo bowls, and other items should also be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each use.

*Where appropriate, consider adding a paper cover, sheet, or clean towel that can be easily disposed of or cleaned for use between customers.

*All single use items, such as disposable wax collars, cotton, neck strips, and applicators, must be used once and immediately thrown away. *

In addition to the above cleaning and disinfecting protocols, Hair Salons must follow the existing California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology

Thoroughly clean any product display areas, including all shelving and display cases. Remove and discard any open “test” products and discontinue this practice to help reduce contamination. Add signage to this area to let customers know it is cleaned and disinfected daily. Disallow any product sampling.

Customers and Personnel must sanitize or glove hands before handling any merchandise.

Consider installing portable high-efficiency air cleaners, upgrading the building’s air filters to the highest efficiency possible, and making other modifications to increase the quantity of outside air and ventilation in all working areas

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